Over 300 Weather Forecasting Contests!

Would you like to forecast the weather?

  • We operate separate weather forecasting contests for hundreds of locations across the United States, with hundreds more to come
  • Compare your skill to the computer model forecasts used by the experts, or just compete against your friends

A great activity for school classes (middle school, high school or college)!

  • Forecasting contest generates interest and fun while learning about the weather
  • Allows students to do inquiry-based investigations of the weather
  • Encourages students to be more aware of the environment around them
  • Helps students who don't enjoy science to understand weather concepts
  • Can be used to teach geography and climate
  • Designed to allow teacher to interact with and guide students
  • Easy metrics for converting contest participation into grades
  • If you are a teacher, here is how you can get started, and here are some teaching suggestions

It's easy to start forecasting.

  • First send a request to get an account.
  • Then go to the page for a site you choose -- use the map or the "Forecasting Sites" menu at the top
  • Go to the "Enter a Forecast" section, and predict the minimum and maximum temperatures and precipitation amount for tomorrow

i like seeingthe world her

i like seeingthe world her but i wish i could see the north and south pole