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Predict the 24 hr maximum temperature (deg F) for Fullerton, CA (KFUL) To complete the opening week of the Major League baseball season, let's forecast Saturday's Tmax for Fullerton, California. Fullerton is close to Anaheim, where the LA Angels will host the Seattle Mariners Saturday evening. It should be a cool, breezy evening after some possible light rain earlier in the day.
Forecasts for Fullerton, CA (KFUL)
CommentDay Score
NWS-MOS-NAM-12-DAY271 (0)4.1
NWS-MOS-NAM-00-DAY072 (1)3.1
NWS-MOS-NAM-12-DAY172 (1)3.1
NWS-MOS-GFS-18-DAY173 (2)2.1
NWS-MOS-GFS-12-DAY173 (2)2.1
NWS-MOS-NAM-00-DAY173 (2)2.1
NWS-MOS-GFS-12-DAY273 (2)2.1
NWS-MOS-GFS-06-DAY273 (2)2.1
NWS-MOS-GFS-00-DAY074 (3)1.1
NWS-MOS-GFS-06-DAY174 (3)1.1
NWS-MOS-GFS-00-DAY174 (3)1.1
NWS-MOS-GFS-18-DAY275 (4)0.1